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The Japanese Lantern Ketubah

24 January 2013



It’s been a while…

I find it difficult to summarize my life thus far. I moved into an 1889 Portland Alberta Arts District Victorian until California came calling. I am now in Marin County perched upon a hilltop . No longer residing amidst bars, coffee shops and perpetual multiplying of bespectacled hipsters, I now find myself surrounded by fruit trees and baby boomers. A different life.

Creating art is the only constant. Much of my focus on Ketubah, I find refuge in creating illustrations based on Art Deco and Art Nouveau sensibilities. I find solace in the minute movements of the calligraphy pen and in the sheer concentration (followed by instant gratification or impending doom) it takes me to ink a piece of my own artwork. Without mistake.

Pictured is “The Japanese Lantern Ketubah.” It is the first time I inked directly onto the paint (gouache) itself rather than containing the calligraphy to a text box. It was intensely stressful as any false move could mean disaster for a completed 22″ x 30″ painting. I endeavored and proved successful.

The wedding was an elaborate Art Deco affair held in the stunning Edison Ballroom in Manhattan. A gorgeous affair, a beautiful couple, and, I must admit, a sense of pride in accomplishing something new.


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  1. Lea #
    January 24, 2013

    Cara! It is good to see you blogging again and to see your beautiful & brave new work. Calligraphy directly on painting–scary! Great job, I can’t wait to see more of what you are working on. I miss our biscuit & coffee dates 🙂

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